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    Lushun Japan Russia's prison former site was located in Xiang Yang street no. 139, LuShunkou district, Dalian , Liaoning province . The prison was built by Russia in 1902, on February 8, 1904, Japan and Russia war broke out, prison construction engineering was forced to stop, the russians just built prison office buildings and 85 rooms radial cell in east, middle and west. During the war, here was used as Russia's field hospital and paolo maldini barracks. On January 2, 1905, Japan and Russia war in Lushun and Dalian area was ending, the Japanese occupied again here. Beginning in 1907, on the basis of the original building prison with red brick extension, cells quantity increased rapidly, and the medical system of 18 rooms and underground 4 rooms dark prison was built by Japanese in 1916, a total of 275 rooms cell. In 1934 , in the northeast of the prison also set up a secret murder places - hanging chamber. In addition, the prison also had 15 workshops, in order to force the imprisoned for colonial authorities production military supplies and daily necessities of life. Prison built around 4 meters high, 725 meters long red brick walls, wall cover an area of an area of 26000 square meters, outside the wall also had the kiln factory, tree farm, the vegetable plot, the graveyard and Japanese management personnel residential area, with a total area of 226000 square meters.

    At the most time prison can hold more than 2000 people, the detainees have not only Chinese, and against the Japanese invasion war of Japan, Korea, Russia and other countries people, north Korea national famous patriotic a righteous man that An Chonggen was imprisoned and killed at here.Therefore, lushun prison also had strong international characteristics.

    On August 15, 1945, Japan defeated surrender, August 22, the Soviet red army stationed in Lushun and Dalian, the prison complete disintegration.
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"Ji Yuan"class Qiongjia cruiser krupp 1880 type breech hoop cannon
"Manchuria fukushima spinning kabushiki kaisha" workers strike used whistle hand valve
During Qing emperor guangxu years set up a monument, Xin Yi abbot repaired lushun Thean Hou Temple tablet
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